Investigative Assistance for Attorneys

To excel in the practice of law, you need a favorite private investigator to do your field work.  One who will still be here when after filing all those motions, your case is finally set for trial.  Maine private investigators work in a tough industry.  In a field where new investigators come and go, Agency remains a strong contender.

Agency is proud to have been providing investigative assistance to some of the most well respected attorneys in Maine for the past decade.  From locating heirs in probate matters to interviewing witnesses in criminal defense cases, Agency can be relied upon to assist with your Maine private investigation needs.

The female private investigator enjoys clear advantages.  They are perceived by alleged victims and witnesses as being compassionate and easy to talk with.  Once at trial, jurors can be easily put off by the thought of a male investigator questioning alleged victims about the sensitive details of a case, particularly if the details are related to a physical or sexual assault.  Yet age and personality also play important roles when conducting investigative work for attorneys.  Not every client, subject or witness will find common ground with a fifty-something year old retired police officer (apologies to my ex-cop-turned-PI associates!).  In fact, as far as criminal cases are concerned, most will not.  Consider the difference a younger female with a knack for conversation could make to your case.

Indigent Defendants

Agency happily does its part to ensure that citizens have access to investigative services as part of their right to effective representation.  Agency has never refused an opportunity to assist in any court appointed case.

Investigative Reports

At the conclusion of each case, a comprehensive report is submitted.  Agency takes great pride in producing the very best reports in the investigative industry.  Reports are prepared with the busy schedule of attorneys in mind.  The most relevant information and key elements are presented efficiently with supporting information easily available to the reader.

Contact Agency today for a sample investigative report delivered in electronic format.

Frequent case work includes the following:Maine private investigation

  • Criminal defense
  • Civil investigations/personal injury suits
  • Trial preparation/attendance/testimony
  • Identifying, locating and interviewing witnesses
  • Probate matters (including locating heirs to estates)
  • Process service
  • Child custody investigations
  • Spousal support continuing eligibility investigations
  • Building occupancy verification in foreclosure proceedings


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